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About Us

About Us

If you are planning a Wedding or other special event, I'd love to create a unique and professional entertainment experience for you. Whether it's your wedding day, corporate event or just a great private party, let me create an entertainment experience that is uniquely yours.

Since 1980 the Hit Man has been entertaining in Jacksonville, Utah, Atlanta and Colorado with never a complaint or negative comment.

With professional broadcast experience*, the MC of many weddings, corporate events, Christmas and private parties, I would love to bring my expertise and excitement to your event. I offer clear, clean, and crisp (digital) music from all era's right through the hottest tracks of today's innovative music scene. I bring the party to you, and with more than 20 years of mobile DJ experience, deliver a memorable party experience for any occasion.

The Last of the Independents, the Hit Man is NOT a DJ Service. When you book the Hit Man YOU get the Hit Man. No substitute ever. You get a mature, experienced, professional entertainer. Not some wannabe driving up in their Camaro unloading inferior or rented equipment or company DJ Van with a DJ you've never heard of or met.

If you are a Party, Event, Wedding Planner, Florist, Caterer or Venue Manager ask about our affiliate referral program where you can earn $$$ for referring the Hit Man to a client who books the The Hit Man.

* First FM DJ to ever top the local AM Stations in ratings in any Market (Billboard Magazine). Rated #1 6pm-Midnight unseating the former ratings holder (Jay Thomas,  of the Hit TV show "Cheers" fame). WQIK 50,000 watt AM/FM Jacksonville, Fl.

Our Services

Mobile DJ and Master of Ceremonies

Entertaining audiences in Jacksonville, Salt Lake City, Atlanta and Denver since 1980 The Hit Man brings all those years of mobile DJ, Broadcast and MC experience to your special event. I offer a virtually unlimited music library with hits from the 40's to today's hottest dance tracks. I specialize in getting your crowd involved and up and moving.

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Free Event Planning and Consulting Assistance

Need help planning your event? The Hit Man offers free planning and consulting Assistance. We know these big events take proper planning and nerves of steel. We can help with that. Our interactive wedding planner helps you organize and layout the special events . Once completed you've got a complete timeline for your special day, and of course The HIT MAN is available to meet with you anytime by phone or in person when you have questions or concerns.

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DJ Wedding Planner

Interactive Form to help you plan the flow of events and the music for your Special Day.

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Tips on The Hiring the Right DJ

Tips on The Hiring the Right DJ
There is a lot to know when hiring a DJ for your Wedding. It's not just a matter of calling a service or independent DJ (a dying breed) and getting a few prices. The old saying you get what you pay for is just as true when hiring a DJ. First of all All DJ's do not have the same skill sets. DJ's that play clubs and bars (and often go by one name, like Taco or something) are not the ones you want to hire to handle your wedding. though they often use rental equipment and though they  quote a lower fee upfront and they add on fees for lights and fog effects.

Club and Bar DJ's often come with the mindset that THEY are the stars of YOUR event. They do complex mixes and beat matching which is a special skill, however, they usually don't have the people skills or the experience to direct the dance floor and handle the last minute changes that inevitably come up. In their minds They are the headline event, not the bride and groom and they seldom take requests.

DJ's that specialize in weddings have the ability to get a crowd up and dancing. They know this event is all about the bride and the groom. They have the knowledge and experience to offer suggestions, manage the crowd and handle the occasional unruly guest all the while making sure the focus stays where it belongs, on YOU. Wedding DJ's have people skills and the ability to adjust to last minute changes and problems because they have done it all before. They listen to the bride and groom, play the music you want and are professional in appearance. They arrive early and leave late making sure each detail is taken care of.

Though cost is an important factor in any decision don't let it be the final determining factor in your decision. While it's important, most good wedding DJ's will charge about the same. Book who you feel the most comfortable and confident in. Bride magazine cautions Brides not to skimp on entertainment as that is the part of your wedding your guests will remember most.

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The Hit Man (Larry Lane)

Tips For an Incredible Wedding Reception

Tips For an Incredible Wedding Reception
The day of your wedding is a busy one and I want to do as much as I can to help you relax and enjoy the results of all your hard work and planning. Over the years and with too many receptions to count I have put together several tips to help your reception flow as seamlessly as possible.
  1. Pacing is VERY important. Many events drag on and do not keep the attention of the guests and others try to cram too much too soon. Make sure your reception flows, without being too choppy. If you are concerned with the flow of your reception, feel free to discuss it with your wedding planner and DJ. It is important that your guests always know what is going on in order to feel part of the reception. A good organized flow accomplishes that.
  2. After the ceremony try to keep pictures to a minimum. Taking a lot of pictures while your guests wait around can really take away from time better spent visiting with your guests. Instead, try taking as many pictures as possible BEFORE the ceremony starts.
  3. Obviously there will be pictures that need to be taken after the ceremony, so during this time have something for your guests to do, appetizers, cocktail hour or a picture slide show are fun ways to keep your guests occupied and entertained.
  4. IT IS BEYOND IMPORTANT FOR THE BRIDE AND GROOM TO SET THE TONE OF THE EVENT. If you would like to have an amazing high energy dance party for your reception, BE OUT THERE ON THE DANCE FLOOR OFTEN. Encourage your guests to dance, grab the shy ones and pull them on to the floor with you for a group dance. Get everyone involved. Encourage everyone to dance, laugh and have a good time. It's your night set the tone,
  5. Have the most important wedding traditions timed closely together. For example; have the toasts/speeches during the meal have the cake cutting, special dances, bouquet toss together immediately after dinner and lead right into open dancing .Waiting until later in the evening it is more difficult getting everyone together and lined up for special events.
  6. Designate ONE person to work with the DJ to cue the timing of the special events during the reception.
  7. Let the DJ be your Best Friend! Depending on the tone of your Wedding Reception the DJ can make sure your the guests are having a fun time on the dance floor and enjoying the atmosphere. Do not feel like you have to create an entire playlist for the DJ. Allow their experience and ability to read the crowd to keep everyone up and moving. People who attend weddings are accustomed to hearing certain songs and dance music, getting too far out of what they expect can dampen their enthusiasm. Instead of a complete playlist give the DJ an idea of the "Flavor and Mood" of what  you want your party to be. Let their experience take you there.
  8. RELAX, have fun and dance your head off.

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"Want a memorable wedding? Don't skimp on the entertainment budget. This is what your guests will remember"!!
Bride Magazine

I treat every Wedding or Event as a unique experience so it is impossible for our team to give anyone a "cookie cutter" type price over the phone or on a web page. We simply don't do business that way. Anyone can claim to be a DJ. But to be a professional DJ it takes hours and hours of practice and actual event experience. The Hit Man has been entertaining party people in Jacksonville, Salt Lake City, Denver Colorado and Atlanta since 1980. We've been around the block and played nearly every type of event (including a Divorce party). We've actually forgotten how many events we've participated in.

The prices we quote are in line and comparable to what other quality and professional DJ Services charge. However our service is anything but typical. We take your happiness and satisfaction to be the number one priority every time. In all the years we've been doing this we have never had a complaint or negative comment.

What is covered in our price quote:
EVERYTHING! . Our performance includes hours and hours of music shopping, visits to the venue, meetings with the venue manager and your coordinator as well as many conferences as it takes to make certain everything is perfect for your special day. We estimate about 60 hours of work goes into each individual performance. Nobody else does that!

So, rest assured you aren't being charged for a few hours of music. You are getting a well planned and professional entertainment experience. No one is more detailed oriented than the Hit Man team.

Your Wedding Experience 
  • Professional Master of Ceremonies (Keeps party moving, directs activities per your schedule)
  • Disc Jockey/Entertainer/Music Programmer
  • 3-4 Hours of Nonstop Dance Music Of your choice
  • Professional Quality ProReck, Numark Sound/Audio System
  • Wireless microphone for speeches & Toasts
  • Multi color Dance Floor lighting and uplighting with Fog Machine (Lighting & Fog evening events only)
  • Pre-planning meetings and site visits
  • Cocktail/Dinner Mingling music
  • Two (2) hour prior to event set up and testing


Song Ideas

Song Ideas
Thanks to the internet and the numerous subscription streaming services the HIT MAN musical library has access to nearly every song ever recorded. During our consultation and planning meetings together we will build the perfect playlist for your special day.

To get started, think of weddings you have attended and make a list of your favorites YOU want played at your event.Also make a list of songs if any, you do not want to hear.

Next, we will discuss the placement of the your songs and when you would like them played. At our meeting we will also discuss what special activities (First Dance, Anniversary Dance, Bouquet Toss etc.) you want at your reception/party and what music you would like played with each activity.

I've listed some websites below which you may find helpful in your planning and selection.

My Wedding Songs
Brides Magazine

Remember, we offer as many complimentary meetings as you need to feel comfortable together we have every thing covered.

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Coventry Oaks Farm Event Center Palatka, FL

You can't find a more beautiful setting for your wedding or special event. Located in Palatka, Florida Coventry Oaks Farm is located on 30 beautiful acres off of State Road 100 in Palatka Florida. Their sister company, The Vintage Bride, can provide your decor needs with an extensive inventory Located at 104 Springside Cutoff Road, Palatka, Florida Call (904) 361-8565 Recent Customer Comments: -Beautiful Venue, Great Location, Over the top Hospitality. So glad I chose them for my wedding. Everything was perfect! -This is a diamond in the rough. Not only are the owners a true blessing to work with, but their vision of a venue that can be transformed into any theme is spot on. They are truly thoughtful in every detail.

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