Tips on The Hiring the Right DJ

Tips on The Hiring the Right DJ
There is a lot to know when hiring a DJ for your Wedding. It's not just a matter of calling a service or independent DJ (a dying breed) and getting a few prices. The old saying you get what you pay for is just as true when hiring a DJ. First of all All DJ's do not have the same skill sets. DJ's that play clubs and bars (and often go by one name, like Taco or something) are not the ones you want to hire to handle your wedding. though they often use rental equipment and though they  quote a lower fee upfront and they add on fees for lights and fog effects.

Club and Bar DJ's often come with the mindset that THEY are the stars of YOUR event. They do complex mixes and beat matching which is a special skill, however, they usually don't have the people skills or the experience to direct the dance floor and handle the last minute changes that inevitably come up. In their minds They are the headline event, not the bride and groom and they seldom take requests.

DJ's that specialize in weddings have the ability to get a crowd up and dancing. They know this event is all about the bride and the groom. They have the knowledge and experience to offer suggestions, manage the crowd and handle the occasional unruly guest all the while making sure the focus stays where it belongs, on YOU. Wedding DJ's have people skills and the ability to adjust to last minute changes and problems because they have done it all before. They listen to the bride and groom, play the music you want and are professional in appearance. They arrive early and leave late making sure each detail is taken care of.

Though cost is an important factor in any decision don't let it be the final determining factor in your decision. While it's important, most good wedding DJ's will charge about the same. Book who you feel the most comfortable and confident in. Bride magazine cautions Brides not to skimp on entertainment as that is the part of your wedding your guests will remember most.

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