Tips For an Incredible Wedding Reception

Tips For an Incredible Wedding Reception
The day of your wedding is a busy one and I want to do as much as I can to help you relax and enjoy the results of all your hard work and planning. Over the years and with too many receptions to count I have put together several tips to help your reception flow as seamlessly as possible.
  1. Pacing is VERY important. Many events drag on and do not keep the attention of the guests and others try to cram too much too soon. Make sure your reception flows, without being too choppy. If you are concerned with the flow of your reception, feel free to discuss it with your wedding planner and DJ. It is important that your guests always know what is going on in order to feel part of the reception. A good organized flow accomplishes that.
  2. After the ceremony try to keep pictures to a minimum. Taking a lot of pictures while your guests wait around can really take away from time better spent visiting with your guests. Instead, try taking as many pictures as possible BEFORE the ceremony starts.
  3. Obviously there will be pictures that need to be taken after the ceremony, so during this time have something for your guests to do, appetizers, cocktail hour or a picture slide show are fun ways to keep your guests occupied and entertained.
  4. IT IS BEYOND IMPORTANT FOR THE BRIDE AND GROOM TO SET THE TONE OF THE EVENT. If you would like to have an amazing high energy dance party for your reception, BE OUT THERE ON THE DANCE FLOOR OFTEN. Encourage your guests to dance, grab the shy ones and pull them on to the floor with you for a group dance. Get everyone involved. Encourage everyone to dance, laugh and have a good time. It's your night set the tone,
  5. Have the most important wedding traditions timed closely together. For example; have the toasts/speeches during the meal have the cake cutting, special dances, bouquet toss together immediately after dinner and lead right into open dancing .Waiting until later in the evening it is more difficult getting everyone together and lined up for special events.
  6. Designate ONE person to work with the DJ to cue the timing of the special events during the reception.
  7. Let the DJ be your Best Friend! Depending on the tone of your Wedding Reception the DJ can make sure your the guests are having a fun time on the dance floor and enjoying the atmosphere. Do not feel like you have to create an entire playlist for the DJ. Allow their experience and ability to read the crowd to keep everyone up and moving. People who attend weddings are accustomed to hearing certain songs and dance music, getting too far out of what they expect can dampen their enthusiasm. Instead of a complete playlist give the DJ an idea of the "Flavor and Mood" of what  you want your party to be. Let their experience take you there.
  8. RELAX, have fun and dance your head off.